Corporate and family services -Trust company since 1983

Corporate and family services -Trust company since 1983

Trust Company

The trust company Edington srl provides services related to two distinct areas: corporate (of a corporate nature) and family (of a family nature). This occurs through the signing of a trust administration contract by the grantor, to satisfy the legitimate needs of the latter, such as the protection of confidentiality, the prevention of situations of conflict and the achievement of fiscal objectives.

Edington srl, in the interest and on behalf of the trustee, carries out any task related to the trusteeship contract, in compliance with the provisions of the law and the civil, penal and fiscal regulations in force.

Corporate services

The trust company provides corporate services, ie services that satisfy commercial or speculative needs, guaranteeing maximum confidentiality and anonymous management to the trustee.

Corporate services include:

  • operations for the constitution of corporations;
  • ancillary operations for participation in meetings, voting, and shareholder financing;
  • transactions relating to shareholders’ agreements;
  • management of situations of conflict between shareholders;
  • establishment of rescue groups;
  • mandates for the purpose of purchasing shareholdings and assets in general ;
  • establishment of family pacts ;
  • appointment as trustee and/or guardian, for generational transfer or for asset protection reasons.

Family services

The trust company provides family services or services that meet family needs. In the role of a trustee or guardian, he supports the grantor in terms of planning and tax protection.

The trust company, for example, can be the guarantor of the so-called family pact, which represents a solution to the problems of ownership structure over time. The family pact , a document that preserves the entrepreneur’s wishes, stabilizes the generational shift.

Family services include:

  • establishment of mandates for the purchase of goods in general ;
  • establishment of family trusts ;
  • life insurance policies ;
  • holographic wills ;
  • fiduciary registration of current accounts and government securities.

The trust activity of Edington srl is characterized by the following guiding principles:

  • separation and autonomy of the assets of each client from the assets of the trust company and from the assets of the other customers;
  • possibility for the customer to withdraw from the contract at any time and to obtain ownership of the property he owns again;
  • the impossibility for the trust company to execute the instructions received in the event that the grantor has not provided all the financial means necessary for their execution;
  • fiscal neutrality of the title of assets to the trust company, as well as of their subsequent re-registration to the trustee.

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